Location good enough for 1 day trek.

Junnar District (around 12 kms from Junnar Bus stand towards naneghat)

-How to reach/Route:
From Pune (Nashik Phata) to Junnar – ST buses available (even a break journey to Rajgurunagar or Narayangaon)

ST bus, private jeeps available from Junnar Bus stand

If planning 2 day trek (including naneghat & nearby) & if U‘ve tents then probably U may stay @ the fort on a moonlit night, cattle would go down by evening, but snakes might accompany U OR else logging could be found @naneghat on payement.

-Points 2 visit on the fort:
Main Gate, Mahadev temple, climb carved Wall.

-Occasion Celebrated: both Me & indrajeet r back to pune now!

By now most of u might've got acclimatised by the way I start my journey. It was the Friday night & I moved to Jeet's house, prior to that we purchased the raincoats @ the end of the season, travelled all the way from Kothrud to Kharadi with gift wrapped dinner(jyada nhin bass halka fulka - dinner jara halka hona chahiye).
     - Chicken Afgani - Full - 1
         -  Chicken Tawa - Full - 1
         - rotis - by default (2 each only)

0500 Hrs
Alarm hit!

0545 Hrs
Watching bhigi billi @ 9xm, yes I was ready but w/o a bath 1st time ever - water too chilled for me that morn'g ;) but Jeet was yet to get ready, he was delegating with the other teams meanwhile!

0620 Hrs
By then I only knew tht we r around 9 odd ppl for
'had.. had.. hadapsar.. no Hadsar, yar kissika to sar',
two ppl b join'g us & together we would meet the rest @ millinium motors, wakdewadi which eventually changed to nashik phata!

We started off jeet's house & came in Dilip's call, Jeet said tell them we wd b reaching in nxt 20 mins!

I: Hi Dilip, we wd b reaching in nxt 20 mins.
Dilip: 20 mins! wakdewadi??
I: yes..(looked up to Jeet..wakedewadi in 20 mins from Kharadi the ultimate gaon... is he gonna drive F1 cars?)
Jeet: nhin baba adlabs, ask them where r they?
I: where r u now?
Dilip: Adlabs!!
I: ok we r reaching in 20 mins, (to jeet:) they r already @ adlabs!

First time ever in last 3 yrs I've seen jeet get'g late!

0640 Hrs
reached Adlabs seen two jat type guys, shakaal se hi UP/ MP wale lag rhe they!
phew.. I had a thought in the back of my mind .. koi budhe, pake huye aam honge(PM sort of - weekend masti karenge aayenge) but they r young n looks energetic!

0700 Hrs
reached Nashik phata, sari gadiyaan dekh li but none seemed alike wagonr but ST lal dabba... ppl shouting .. nashik-nagar
others yet to reach

Dilip: chalo bhai logoon tab tak chayi piee li jaye

in nxt 15 mins the other teams reached in & after a formal intoduction we headed towards nxt point as refered by Jeet..

Jeet:  ek ghante baad milte hai.. (as if ek ghante baad jo jahan ho wo wahin ruk jaye)

so team consists of
- Ashish
- Bhumika
- Dilip
- Indrajeet
- Swati
- Saurabh
- Vishal
- Zahabbyia
- Me by default

0830 Hrs
after crossing
- bhosri
- chakan
- rajgurunagar
we halted @narayangaon

we(me, aasish, dilip & jeet) stopped by bus stop as others were already waiting for us.

Narangaon Bus has a very significant role in our life(me n jeet)*

Vishal: (to jeet) chalo toda aage jaake aate hai, (just to chek if the snacks center is open) as both of them went ahead we gathered together to do the formal introdoc part 2 :)

the place near the stand was all mess, probably had rain fall last nite!

once vishal & jeet came back we headed for the much waited breakfast snacks (bhul na jana raat ko maine & jeet ne halka fulka khana khaya tha). We had

- The world famous Misal Paw
- kanda pohe ops I meant only pohe ;)
- udit dal wadi
- cut T off course (bhai trek ke liye energizer to chahiye na)

the stall had photos of esteemed puneites who took a break just like us.. alike veteran actor Neelu Phule g!

0900 Hrs
started ahead.
Jeet in complete F1 mood raced crossing 80+ kphs & me cherishing the nature completely with all the time in the world!

1000 Hrs
reached Junnar Bus Stand, halted there for a while, point of diversion to
- Shivneri(2.1 Kms)
- Manikdoh Dam(9.3 Kms)
- Malshej ghat
- Hadsar Fort(11 Kms)
- Naneghat(12 Kms)

1030 Hrs
reached Hadsar gaon
actually the guide (vishal) was more interested to go far to naneghat & start our trek from there, but soon the team changed the plan & he has to take a U turn & halt his car in hadsar village ;)

just when we started, I've learnt that there is an alternate way too

so after dilema which way to head & start we opted for the first way tht we took.

"So whts the difference in both ways"

"nothing there aint any direct steps to climb down so better we climb up this way & then get down the other way"...simple

Dilip started the cam in video mode, but the jungle made him be more protective aur jungle ki khaufnak wadiyoon ko par karte huye sab bad chale ....(..wahin jahan kooi aata jata nhin) ;)

Dilip was so inspired by the zeal & enthu that he taged the team.. Indian army

@ a point we halted to
- admire the nature
- take a couple of snaps
- O! did I mention to get hold of our breath too ;)
just then the weather was gett'g better n better

when we discovered that... that...

here comes the first twist of the day...

Jeet discovered that he some how managed to misplace his hand towel (a pink one). I've to go down again to 've a look @ it... so I did tht honestly just has a look & turned back ;)
(I always wanted to b on a treasure hunt but not for a pink towel!

Zohabia dropped her(Bhumikas') bag as I didn't had my own bag!

so nice of U dear! :), but jeet had to get hold of tht as I was too busy in searching his pink towel!!!

As soon as I returned back empty handed & climbed up a couple of rocks I saw every1 standing infront of a big rock patch.. a wall

thts so nice of them they r wait'g 4 me :)

but y is saurabh & vishal staring the wall... & wait is saurabh trying to do a spidy stunt...OMG! he actually is

nthg clicked to me ...best thought came to my mind don't analyse just reach to that point then we'll see what next...

as soon as I reached there I found its a deadend & the only way to the fort is clawling the wall..

r we ghodpads.. recall'g the ghodpad story of Tanaji...

in the meanwhile Saurabh was almost there 10-15 fts up hanging with reflecting complete confidence & comfort.. feel @ home

wht nxt vishal was analysing & guiding properly

we decided that if all gals make it then we all r go'g in this way else....

saurabh found a place just in the middle so as to make sure ppl make up to tht place @least, so nxt was swati

jeet joined in with vishal to guide & when jeet is tak'g the pain do I need to ;)

I joined the merry band with aashish, dilip, zohabia, & bhumika

it seems that every1 except jeet & vishal were njoy'g the moment they were crack'g jokes & even panicking :)

we had best jokes coming out of aashish, meanwhile swati made up there!

then it was zorabia nxt, after few hickups she managed it ... up there

although most of us noticed but it was bhumika who pointed tht Zohab's legs were shievering (actually there is a point from where the iron rods carved by the local ppl starts the grip is not easy there & also at fair distant). nxt was Bhumika & to our surprise she proved to b Michale Phelm among us by the time Zorab reached up there crossing saurab along with swati, Bhumika was almost there right behind her

dilip & aashish were next the only two whose climb was video shoot

as they would b climbing up & there aint much space to stand tall swati decided to move around to realise this aint the end of the world yet another rock patch was waitn for us up ther

so finally it was me jeet & vishal down there & I was gett'g ready in my tuexedo suit ;) aadmi teen aur bag 4, bahut nainsafi hai, although vishal said he would get both the bags but I knew that who so ever comes last it wont b easy for him so I had to get hold of myself

as for us there were vishal & jeet guiding us our foot rests but there won't b any1 doing this job for vishal

after transfering a couple of stuffs to the other bags making sure that each bag has @least some food/ water for backup purpose I started climbing up with both the bags & locking the bag buckle near my abs to get as proper hold but it didnt took much time where most of us were gett'g stucked!

it was very scary even the rappling seemed lot easier than this. although I keep doing hip-hops but a wrong move while do'g hip-hop won't cost so expensive which in this case would & to add to it climbing down was a bad idea not bcoz it wd hit my reputation but it was almost impossible after u reach certain point! :) so ..... get'g going son!

phew after a couple of pause to get hold of my nerve.... I made it...!

I must agree Saurabh showed a great temperment & paitience hanging in there, nxt is jeet..
after lots of hich-ups Jeet decided to climb down, & eventually made it, vishal almost performed a dive catch to get hold of Jeet climbing down, but they decided to go another way to the main gate..

only then to our surprise same in two villagers & I was expecting them to give yet another trial @least now but they opted out

saurabh climbed up by now but just when he was about to reach the scarf slipped off from him..this one was orange in color.

but the villagers got tht for us & to our surprise they hardly took 3-4 minutes whereas we all took more than an hr & half together!

Me & saurabh were climbing up the wall one of the villager warned us as any of the rock may fall, so they directed us a safer option which to our surprise made me go pale walk'g through the edge of the patch, a slight disbalance & needn't worry balanc'g anythg else ever in my life ;)

after chit chat'g with the villagers for a while I turned around to get a shock number of buffalos do'g jaal krida up there (3 water pools)

how the hell on earth did they managed to climb up!

so wht next, what all tourist spots do we cover here, only a mahadev mandir & the main gate of the fort, as told by the villagers, "keep on go'g the west..."

all of sudden The BABA within Dilip got 'jagrut' jai ho baba dilip..

all sort of jivan ke fhalsafe were com'g out of his mind & his aura was aspiring for us too!

it for sure gonna take both vishal & jeet 1.5 @least was what we assumed, soon wandering here n there we reached mandir we aggreed to keep mov'g so that we catch jeet & vishal quickly & they needn't cover all the floor!

then we 've found a water pool... the water was so muddy in color & bhumika was dying to jump into ... unlike zohabia, rest of us were neutral to it!

Bhumika's die hard wish died too soon as swati observed a snake in water...(better let the wish die than self ;) )

meanwhile Dilip wanted to shoot snaps in all possible pose & mood for impressing different gfs & updating social n/w profiles.

then we reached the hilltop point .. right infront of the main gate u can easily see any1 within the range of 5+ kms...

& there was a water stream flowing down fro the hill top, the wind flowing was throwing the water back to us, reminds me the lohgad trek.. this was the time i thght to enjoy the fresh water :) & gett'g some snaps..nadiya jharne pahad.....

the crew were still look'g out for both vishal & jeet in the manner which reminds me of Dilip Kumar of Mashal:
"e bhaaaiyeee... koi hai..."

I thought Y not go around & discover anything for me ;) I crossed the main gate & found vishal & jeet down there... whereas the crew were expecting them to come other way!

there was a small rocky passage beside them but it wasn't easy this way too saurabh jump in to guide in the mean while I 've got the newspapers to work as temporary bloting papers.. as jeet wasn't gett'g hold of bcoz of The Woodland shoes he had to drag himself over the newspapers, saurabh creating gateway for him to pass through his legs but wht scared me was jeet was too heavy compared to saurabh he may get saurabh along with him...

touch wood.. but where is the wood its only green grass, bush or rocky patch expect the 'Wood'land shoe!

finally all 4 (jeet, vishal, saurabh, me) made it to the up safely..

took a break & then...Lunch time...

recall na "raat ko kafi halka fulka khaya tha" ;)

we had almost every thing possible bread, butter, biscuit, thepla, khakra, paratha, achar, orange juice, thak(chach) & cadbury too(kuch meetha ho jaye - desert)

after all done we were all set to wander again & then start get'g down..so we were sure it won't take much as nthg to look @

the water pool where bhumika was dying to jump into but realised soon enough she got company(snake) & mahadev temple!

so I & jeet got into our rain suit & it started raining completely creating a fog effect

as we were heading the temple
Jeet: arey ab kya wahan jake mattha tekenge!

meanwhile baba dilip felt like to hear "Dil kya kare jab kisise pyar ho jaye" & a buffalo felt the same.. i guess!

so swati & bhumika were the only one to peek into the temple! rest of us stayed behind

the buffalo kept coming closer n closer
& jeet in hi usual bodylanguage... hudd hudd...hadd hadd...
but most of us felt that its time to discover yet another thriller...
as I was about to keep Jeets cam in his bag

Jeet: yeh camera rakhne ka time nhin hai

& in no time we all started running in all directions!

Not atall actually get'g whats happening & why as the buffalo chased all of us?

It would 've been the nightmare coming true..

even @ this point of time we weren't serious enough...doing the famous act "BachaO act from OSO!"...

with no idea who is where I got behind a cactus tree & called saurabh, swati & bhumika as its best covso er we can have for time being

Saurabh decided to distract the buffalo so tht swati & bhumika can take cover & runaway!

but unforunate the buffalo was too smart to get hold of the situation he rather followed swati & bhumika...

after me & saurabh escaped out I trying to b over smart landed up between a group of 5-6 buffalo(this part of the story is completely in dark for rest of the team.. what happened to me or to the buffalos is still a secret & let it b the same ;) )

soon we reached the main gate & were relaxed but to our surprise the buffalo was right there @ the main gate hold'g the post completely blocking the way to our exit.

we could neither run away nor cld jump off the wall it has got height & rock patch with algae all around

after a long wait finally the buffalo allowed us a pass.

doing a tauba
-neither would we feed a buffalo again
-nor would we sing or dedicate a song to him

it took around more than an hour to climb down making a round trip the village!

passing all the buffalos, we had a glass of water @ a villegers home & every1 wanted to 've a photo with the lamb but when the lamb got near Jeet I was gett'g worried for him, not the lamb yar but the Jeet ;), a lamb may get the real face of Jeet after this tiring trek it would b a gud dinner!

sooner we saw the road & none of us wd 've been happy ever again to see a coaltar road

wrapper up with quick photoshoot on the road & freshening up in the current water stream

left hadsar village.

took a break @ junnar - tea stall near bus stand!

it took some time to sort out if we wanna 've dinnner together or not but majority was to celebrate the occasion with the last supper (only for this trek) ;)

Jeetmeet you @ first restaurant after the 2nd ghat.
"O! no what if its a veg restuarant", was my quick concerned!
Vishal: I m on the driving wheel, trust me ;)

we skipped the 1st restaurant just bcoz nthg specified
(Veg/ Non-Veg)

had a gala feast together!

Departed thereafter for individual's home..sweet home!

2330 Hrs
got into Jeet's home, wht I was look'g fwd to was
to boil 2.5 Lts of water to get a warm water bath!!!!

b4 I got to sleep

Points to remember:
- if not on a jungle trek the woodland shoes are not the best fit gadget
NB: if u r on a trek where u expect many rockpatch & water flowing down making it slippery & creating algae, better keep ur woodland shoes home.
- don't take Pink Towel on a trek, they can only b handled properly by the ladies ;)
- don't feed buffalos on trek
- don't sing or dedicate songs to buffalos