@0030 Hrs…
I was @ my frnd Indrajeet’s room,
with my team (Germany) for 3-4 position @ WC2006- Germany vs Portugal”.
The Ist half was as dull as gloomy Sunday…
But The IInd half was simply superb.
Though Germany made It by 3-1…but I wasn’t part of the Victory.

@0415 Hrs…
The Sun came up too early…

@0545 Hrs…
reached swargate “Hotel Natraj”..
Oohh !!! did I missed something..
We r supposed to head towards TORNA Fort for Water Rappling…
First Accent Grp arranged the activity.
So nxt came Tipur, Snehal, Ratul (was busy in look’g for a park’g place for is bike), followed by Sharayu(Team representative) & Nikhath

@0630 Hrs…
All set...to Velhe(village @ the foot of Torna Fort).
but Oops wher’s the person we contacted(Salil Kulkarni).
So only after our Team representative’s special request, the conductor made the bus to wait for few more minutes..
Dur’g the journey we planned to trek to Sinhgad on our way back to home….

@0830 Hrs…
landed on my first dream trek (read as professional trek).
As 5 of us followed the Grp(First Accent), whereas 2 of us (RATUL & INDRAJEET) were eager enough to xplore a fountain..
but they missed the camera too much.. & as of us we missed the fountain.
After hav’g snacks (pohe & tea) we headed towards the much waited event..
We trekked almost 20-25 mins. Cross’g the land, streams, steep & muddy elevations we manged to reach the base where the activity was planned.

Our guide:Sachin, Vikas, Salil, Bhushan, Avanti, Rupesh..

My Experience:We were fully equipped with Harness, Carabina, Decender, Gloves & Helmet..
We assembled for Salil to introduce us to the other instructors. They conducted a small session regard'g water rappelling awareness & equipments.
Bhushan had given the demo during the session.
After the session was over we were taken back to the point from where we were supposed to rappel down.
Salil was the first to rappel down, to be precise a live demo.
After few others tried their luck, the next one was ....
Who !!! ..... meeee.. phew!!
WaOoo I found myself stand'g @ the edge of the fall..
Prior to my jump Sachin instructed me his last words.
When I was @ the Edge, don’t know wht it was, won’t lie tht wasn’t comfortable, “The Moment”.
But soon after I’ve stepped down 6-7 steps..
I realized tht I wasn’t able to reach The Rock Wall to get the support then I recalled what Sahil told us, “Get’g down is completely in our hand, no matter if U r n’t reach’g ther U can go straight down!!”.
Tht..z..iT I justed locked myself to hang ‘round ther for a moment..looked @ every possible things I c’ld view @ that pt. Then feeded the rope to the descender to descend.

But pals trust me, ”reach’g bottom was not @all a relief, rather the hang’g out in the middle was more xcit’g, thrill'g..
One can actually feel the Adrenaline Rush
”. Finally I can say,”I’ve discovered a soln to my altophobia!!!

But the adventure didn’t stop straight away, it lead to another xcit’g chapter, while climb’g down to the village we’d more fun..
One can feel the eye sooth'g scenes, greenery..
@times we can actually C the clouds close..
I wish we'd 've more time to do all those Jal-Krida
@least I along with Tipur made the most of our time...
but must agree to the fact what eye can C & make U feel, Technology can't(digi-cam)..
After all those stuffs we had daal-bhaat, bhakri, loncha, kanda, for lunch.

@1430 Hrs…
Luckily we got the bus to return, else we’d to wait an Hr more. According to what we've planned @ runtime, 4 of us (Ratul, Tipur, Indrajeet & me ofcourse) head’d towards Sinhgad & whereas Sharayu, Nikhat & Snehal preferred to go back to Swargate.
In the meanwhile Sharayu discovered that she missed her spectacles in the hotel, so Indrajeet along with her ran back to get the specs, but all in vain
(eventually she found that her specs was with her only, which we came to know ultimately the nxt day in office).

@1500 Hrs…
reached Vinjar....
along with Indrajeet, Ratul & Tipur, I’ve said , “chao” to our frnds & moved ahead.
Cross’g Vinjar, we’d to go through Dungragaon where lied multi-faced demons.
The Gr8est of them was mud that was similar to marsh.
Ratul’d a pair of Woodland shoes, so didn’t had that much of the problems in cross'g them.
So he was almost on a cross-country race. In the meanwhile, I’ve found myself, got stuck in the half pitch, rescue’g Indrajeet from those demon mud.

Other demon faced: heavy streams, bad light, rain, jungle & dangerous mosquitos..
battl’g out those demons somehow we managed to reach the peak in 2 Hrs but buddy tht wasn’t the end. We were exhausted after trekk’g almost straight upwards, th’ Ratul said not to leave the trails, I preferred to hack out new short-cuts (which Ultimately made us to reach the top in quite a lesser time). BUT…

@1700 Hrs…
We discovered: It was a Cruel Jungle & we didn’t have equipments & gears (not even the Torch) & it grew dark, we’d hardly managed till 1800 Hrs. So decided to return back fac’g those demons again!!!

@1800 Hrs…
We managed to return back to the base, Vinjar bus stop.
Phew!! Returned in almost half the time to climb up.
Waited for the bus for almost 2 Hrs but ultimately returned in a milk wagon.

@2220 Hrs…
reached swargate…
For the first time ever in my life I've walked bare foot for more than 100 mts & that too in a A grade city alike Pune, to get an auto as the shoes were baddly drenched.

@2300 Hrs…
reached Indrajeet’s home…

@2330 Hrs…
started most waited WC2006, Germany, Italy vs France..( 18th FIFA World Cup 2006 at Berlin Olympic stadium)
parallel to that we started our dinner…
Ummm!!! the chicken was delicious.. who says they r suffer’g from Bird flu..

I was completely with the WC’06 Finals Ist half.
The IInd half started with some lighten’g attack by the French (Henry) but soon got dull, leav’g a fully exhausted kid (me ;) ) to go in his dreamland.
But 10X to Umakant a frnd(colleague) & Sumonto Da (Indrajeet’s room partner) who saw to it tht I B a part of the Italy’s 4th World Cup title