@2150 Hrs
got a call from Jeet, "Hey meet me near durga cafe 4 dinner!". Although it was late enough but I agreed.

@2226 Hrs
got a call from Sharayu, "hey were r U". "I m in bus, near sndt", phew that made her quite for a moment. I knew that I m gonna b crushed down for being late, but it was all to be handled by Jeet as he was responsible.

@2255 Hrs
even after some of the rapid fire calls to make me arrive on time I was late for I guess 10 minutes & ppl out there were popping up as if pop-corn. Ppl eagerly waiting for me: Tabrez,  Sharayu & Anand. Anyways presence of Jeet made me escape the situation.

@2320 Hrs
though it looked to me as if I was late & pointed to me that the trip is getting late for me, I've realized that a few more are yet to be there.

@2235 Hrs
After waiting for around 20 minutes "A herald  of Ganesha & Shivaji" was a surety that the troop is all set to move ahead.
The troop consists of more than 45 people to b escorted by Yuvashakti, Pune. Sooner we crossed the outskirts of Pune city. Tabi got a brilliant idea to start munching the "bhel". We've crossed Wai phata in an Hour & half. Tabi was getting innovative ideas to sleep in a "lal dabba" & Sharayu struggling hard.

@0230 Hrs(15th Nov)
it was ghat all over but wasn't all, just after crossing satara the actual fun had doubled. We were nJoying the roller-coaster ride as if we were on high tide.But in All we were appreciating the effortless spirit of Anand to hang on with his inconsistent sleep in "THE lal dabba", hats off ....

@0330 Hrs
the roller coaster stopped. we landed @ "Bamnoli"( around 35 kms from satara).
it was my friends again to welcome me down there... "my dear loving Dogs".It was a full moon nite .. awesome!!! we didn't want to waste that by sleeping, but Mahesh & Shahank wanted every one to rest as it would be a hectic day ahead, in the mean while Sharayu was more interested in getting info abt the Himalayan trek whereas Tabi was more into munching the bhel again @0410Hrs.They have arranged to stay overnite in a garage.

@0635 Hrs

got up early after a long time, couldn't sleep after 0530 hrs as it was somewhat chilled but getting up early was making me feel good.

@0830 Hrs
the breakfast time ..."KP", Tabi got it 3rice, not sure was it really tasty or was he really hungry!!!

@0920 Hrs
some other trek teams alike amateur trekkers from mumbai too had joined.
we had dumped two bags & carried two along with us.even after having bfast early had to wait for the boats to kick off :(one need to get a clearance from the forest dept to travel across.after 10 minutes the first ferry (ferry no. 6) took off carrying 25 ppl & there after 20 more minutes the other ferry carried rest of us (15 ppl) ... ferry no. 19.it was a splendid back water, almost crystal clear @ the banks & bluish all around, surrounded by greenery & hills.

@1100 Hrs
reached the base of vasota.

@1115 Hrs
assemble & kick off. It was a bright sunny day with the breeze blowing. The grass was soft enough to get us a feel of velvet.we had just started the walk & it was time for snaps.... click click ...click!!!! waise bhi ab to do ke saath ek aur model free.. free!!! well Anand was not only an additional free ka model but also a camera man with a spare camera. So Me & tabrez were free as no load to take pictures but can concentrate on our shots.

a hanuman mandir besides the free flowing water resource, it was refreshing that means me & tabi are now in business ;). yaar koi pani bharte huye model ke fotu le loo.....
we were the tail-enders...after some time there was a pass towards right a way towards Nageshwar, but we 've chosen the path left to the top. Mahesh was more worried that we'll create a gr8 gap & might leave behind so he was just hanging around us to make sure that we don't miss out the track while following the trail. But we were more busy in our business.then came the flora patch which reminded us of next Yash Chopra's spot..in the mean while I even got a couple of snaps... trying out amateur's luck. Sharayu was happy by now as she was sure of extra batteries for the camera.

@1330 Hrs
got @ the top. Tabi was getting frustrated.... "is this all we r in to see". "But dear we ain't in to view Tajmahal", is all that I cld 've quoted to make him calm down a bit.after some more snaps its Lunch time!!!! Tabi wasn't any more into it the bhel might 've made him feel that way. We had chapptis, theplas, & bhendi fry (tx to anand), some salad, & huge no of bananas(2 dz) which 've got spoiled due to the weight & being packed into the plastic. After the lunch ppl were basking a bit, & some were enjoying the Tadpole act of the two kids.... playing & fighting each other, throwing tadpoles @ each other.

@1430 Hrs
Lunch time over.
we decided to split into two teams so as to cover the two points in a better manner:
1. Vinchu-kada
2. Babu-kada

Vinchu kada reminded me of Vinchu kata of Lohagad, but the kadas were almost a copy of kokan kada the one @ harichandragad. Had an individual fotu shoot and in the meanwhile we have discovered that the batteries have expired & even the extra pair too. Oh Oh!!!time for get kicked of by sharayu as she was counting on them. Anand suggested we better get an early alarm just in case to survive ;)

@Vinchu-kada; ppl just forgot to see the view & were more busy in calling their near & dear ones due to the full n/w coverage.

@ Bapu-kada got a call from jeet, he was on break from the training which didn't made him join the troop.
 - it is being said that a person named babu was being thrown away from this point, to be lately made it named after that.now was the best time for Tabi.....we were getting down.

Sharayu played a song by Atif aslam, "hum jis gali me ja rahe hai..."
& along with us were those two ghost kids they were just jumping around us& in no time we were back @ the basegot a face wash in the flowing water... it was cold & refreshing. Tabi's final quote to Mahes,"jaate waqt hum sabse piche they aur laute waqt sabese aage!!!"

@1620 Hrs
waiting @ base for the ferry
. Tabi was the one to even utter a word, he was damn tired or was he!!!!

@1800 Hrs

back to Bamnoli.
once again I was among my favorite frnds dogs, as if they were eagerly wait'g for me to get back. It was getting darker. We had lot many task to be done:
1. get the bags from the locker room ;)
2. shift the individual stuffs in their respective bags
3. get hot sips of the tea
4. finish off the carrots as if in serial Karamchand jasoos!!!

in the mean while Tabi made it possible to coin out to get back to pune among others as we were sure about the last bust to satara is @ 1630 Hrs. So ppl had started looking out for other modes of transport.

what were we busy into...? me , anand & sharayu ... ahem!!!

after finishing off the carrots it was playing with bluetooth ... sharayu had a crush over her new mobile ..... "yaar blutooth se transfer hoga kya? n/w nahin hai na..". Anand trying to join us with a new concept of multi-bluetooth device sharing ... in a single go...
hu cld I leave them behind & why the hell should I leave them all aloof...
after all they r my frnds ;)

I too was trying to act smart to receive a file thr' bluetooth even though the memory is set to phone memory which is too small to receive a file of that huge size... where as anand managed to recieve the same file twice, & now wanted to move that apart ;)so it was a shame for me .... but this time I banged it on target. Tabrez was getting into hot discussion as now there is getting two groups:
1. Who wants to stay back to nJoy the nature.
2. Who wants to leave so that they can 've a splendid Sunday back in pune.

After lots of ifs-n-buts we landed up into a final decision to have our dinner first ;) "aakhir paapi peth ka sawaal hai bhai..."

@2130 Hrs
we had succeeded in getting a tempo 407 ready to commute us to satara for Rs. 800 which seemed to be a fair deal.
started my regular world famous allergic sneezing ;) as the tempo was carrying bricks & the dust was still there & Anand being afraid of getting affected pulled up his jacket hood which made sharayu get her snap of this night..."draculla Anand ;)" ... a professional one.

@2330 Hrs
reached satara. I looked out terribly for water to get a face wash else I was too uncomfortable to travel due to the allergy.

@0100 Hrs(16th Nov)
reached swargate.
Tabrez & Anand were damn hungry I was too dull to eat due to allergy & throat infection. Now was the time to share the bacha khucha khana. Anand brought banana chips tabrez took the muffins only three but Anand managed to get one for him, sharayu left with munching the banana chips. Tabrez left with a separate auto. Me, Anand & sharayu shared an auto, but Anand was doubtful abt the fare ;). reached room by 0130 Hrs.

the trip ended with a sound sleep on my bed finally.

The only regret of the trek: this being the first trek where I'ven't done a portfolio shoot of my dear frnds : stray DOGS ;)



11/18/2008 22:34

gud one :)

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phew....... I managed to read it till end...... ;)
good effort dost.

11/18/2008 23:20

nice v nice

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mast mast..


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