RE-UNION...!!!, some thing that drove me to get up early on sunday morn'g by 0510 Hrs. I've been waiting for the day since ages...

0550 Hrs
tring trinnng!!!

me: (thinking proactively, to b on safer side) "hey Deepankar, are we planing for any water park or any thing similar, I mean do I need to carry a spare set of dress?"
Deepankar: "yea sure dude!". When I left the home it was as dark a twilight! reached koparkhairane stn & got a ticket to Karjat (return) via Thane. Just when the train was about to arrive got a sms( business card of Blessen) from Sumana, which she was about to post last nite ;) so that we can co-ordinate of ourselves to reach the destination.

0630 Hrs
Got the local to Thane, which eventually made me reach thane Platform 10 in nxt 20 mins.

0650 Hrs
wandering here n there to seeking the inquiry cabin to know about the platform from where I can get the train to karjat. Phew! @last found the inquiry, & to my surprise it was not crowded, I hurried to the counter & got that @ platform 2 it would b arriving shortly. Thank goodness!
& Platform 2 was just next to the counter so no-run situation. I just inquired a policeman to cross check. He said, "it'd b coming on platform 5 & its a fast local". Oops! who the hell should I believe, thought just to verify of my own, ran all the way down to platform 5.@Platform 5 I inquired to a paperwala, he confirmed it would b there, a fast local for karjat but @ 0730 Hrs! still half n hr more to go, should I go back to platform 2 to catch the other one? naa ....! may b i was too lazy to cross the platforms or was I evaluating more, hopefully the fast would make me reach quicker!some how I hanged on there till 0730 Hrs allow two more Asangaon(TT) locals to go from pltfrm2.

0730 Hrs
Came in the Karjat fast! aaa did I tell U tht the fast is expected to b more crowded, as it's long distance direct train with lesser no. of stops so mob alike me hu wanna go distant within lesser span of time prefer fats local here in mumbai. aLTHOUGH it a Sunday today but Mumbai never sleeps. It was overloaded but I somehow managed to slip into the other side of the entrance gate. It was suppose to take almost 1.5 hrs to Karjat, but I didn't try to acquire seat. It was more fun standing @ the gate, Always! After getting a proper place to stand I just checked if route map above the gate, after Kalyan the track goes either to Asangaon(TT) or to Ambernath( that I was sure of) but the going to Asangaon(TT) never ends up to karjat. Had I opted for those Asangaon or TT I would 've crucified myself.

0830 Hrs
I was just two stops away from Karjat
by now I was expecting Pune ppl to reach there & of not then may b close enough so called Sumana to learn where they were. To my surprise they were still suppose to travel 40 mins more. So I called up Deepankar to know the address.
me: "Hey Deepankar, just now I 've reached Neral so only 1 more stop, tell me how to reach the resort, get me the address!"
Deepankar: "oh thats gr8 but its gonna take 30 more mins to reach karjat... (What @%*$&^$*.... was sort of the reaction I had!)
me: "but only one more stop."
Deepankar: "ya but still, anyways r u in a fast local or slow?"
me: "fast of course!"
Deepankar: " then it may take less time! & As soon as u get down take an auto to Prakruti Resort...(but I was least interested in knowing the address now may b when I get down there 'll call up again to know the address....may god 20 more)."

0910 Hrs
To b honest it was a long joyful ride of 1.5 hrs from Thane. I again called up
Inquired if any train com'g from pune any sooner! "Shayadri 'll b coming @ 1000 Hrs (40 more minutes)". In the meanwhile inquired to some other officials abt if any other train or local to expect b4 10....."No local from Pune!" made me realize that it has to b Shayadri only so I preferred to wait till 1000Hrs. Y not go out & look around. It was an overly crowded market place with all those small gullies. I asked a gentle looking young person, "boss is there any ATM (Any Time Money sort of dabba which throws cash back @ U)".
Gentle looking young person: "no way boss! yahan dur dur tak kuch nhin milega!"

Disheartned with the expected answer returned back to the stn.

1000 Hrs
Came in Shayadri express @ platform2!

Sumana -- not reachable!
Deepankar -- not reachable!
Kishore -- out of coverage!

Rishi -- out of coverage!
Sumana -- not reachable!
Sudeshna -- not reachable!
Soumen -- finally tring tring....but it was his mom's voice ...
(is she also accompanying the crew or is it I just dialed the wrong no?), got the correct no from Auntie...

Soumen -- (again) all lines to this route are busy

Sudeshna -- all lines to this route are busy (although it played the dialer tones & "dial * to set this song as your dialer tone....but all in vain").
The place where all the mob would b screaming & snatching each other the ppl I am looking for would surely b there.I made it up to the dead end @ platform2, came back to platform1, had gone to dead end again as there was another way out other than the main gate.
Sumana -- not reachable!

Sudeshna -- not reachable!

Deepankar -- tring tring...finally

Deepankar: "hey man wher r u they r looking out for u!"
me: "even I too am!"
Deepankar: "its n/w problem out here, ok talk to Bharat (transfering the call)"(but it didn't last long not even got connected). Meanwhile I got out of the out gate @ the back & was moving back to the Main gate in the front, (hey there is a UCO bank ther but no ATM & also it is a Sunday so no cash chance even :( )
tring was Bharat.."six long years, 'ven't heard him since ages!"
& I even forgot to ask him hu was he..."whr the hell r u ppl?" (cld u believe tht reaction!).
Bharat: "we r @ the main gate"me:"ok U just hang on there!"

1015 Hrs
@ The Main gate4 ppl looking inside the stn for me how come they r gonna know tht I was already outside the stn. It was I guess Sumana( by default to get noticed quickly by anyone who knows her) then it was Soumen, his dress & hair style makes him distingushable in any crowd, my O my ther aint any changes in Bharat & there was Deepal too ( 'vent seen her too for almost 6 yrs)! Now I know Y they call it The REunion! Got an auto to reach the destination resort, soumen was staying back to receive sudeshna (she wasn't well but still coming). In the Auto I had a mixed feeling @one place it was like I was meet'g old frnds since ages whereas I also had a feel'g six yrs too long period if the frnds wd still b open up enough to mingle up with quickly. But slowly I realised that they too are exicited the same way as I am. looking at the board "Prakruti Resort", Sumana was excited as always, but the resort was nowhere nearby. It was quite a fair run to the resort. Just near the gate of the resort I've seen a volvo bus. (not knowing that we are almost ther) I said,"this is the bus which will take us back to the stn" & all of a sudden the auto got hanged. Nearby was a place where bricks are baked, I said,"look thats the resort, a brick bakehouse". With a lightening speed it clicked to me that all three excluding me where a Mechnical Engg, so in worst condition they may help in mending the auto! ;)

1100 Hrs
Finally reached the Resort! Men in black n blue were waiting for us!
Kishor, RIshi, Abhishek & Deepnkar(i mentioned Deepankar's name in the last as his was the only unknown face among all...yea this is the First time I was meeting Deepankar). After disposing off our bags we thought of to go around the premises & look wht all things are there in the resort. There was a pool not the playing one but the swiming one. We basked for a while & then thought ki pehle peth puja & then kaam dujja.
- Bread n butter n jam

- upmaa n chattni(eeeyaikess...but Deepal was looking forward to it!)

- poori & bhaji (batata)

- omlet

brd jam & upmaa!!!! for reunion... so I opted for the last two in the menu.
After peth puja we thought of to go for a merry go round around the premises & then we realised that there is a short cut to swiming pool to but there was a hut (which looked more like a hunter's den) to b discoved first through the green grassland.After few clicks & light gossips we realised that it's Rishi who 've changed his profession(has been with his handy cam shooting almost each moment, shooting each word we utter!) Kishor, Abhishek gave us the World famous see-saw video & to add spice to it Bharat & Sumana joined in( If I ever publish that scary video then every see-saw would b having a age restricted board along with it & kidds wd b afraid of ppl going near see-saw).There was a jhulla too & this time it was Sumana who was doing the QA audit on the same (stress/ strain/ durability/ load test & other analysis to verify all those mechanical theories). In the meanwhile Soumen, Sudeshna, Blessen & Aparajita landed up.

1200 Hrs
Although we've asked the keep some bfast for the rest but they came too late to get that. Sudeshna needed food the most as was hungry also she had some medicines.
We again gathered together nearby the same old jhulla & see-saw for gossiping around. This was the time when we were recalling old but golden days & even revealing the secrets of others ;). As the trip happened b'coz of the most humble & noble guy madras..... aka Prashath Krishnan. We thanked him & remembered his contribution in a very trivial manner of ours paying the complete tribute! Rishi still capturing most of the moments live! Meanwhile Soumen & Deepankar moved ahead to the pool to njoy the chilled water with the sun on top! Gradually we too have moved there but didn't joined them in the pool yet, which wasn't quite encouraging to them!After quite a while we too felt that rest of us should now activle participate else it was get'g boring now.But the main problem was most of us didn't had an aliter dress. Also as Abhishek need to leave early we weren't sure whether to 've lunch first or not. Finally I & Rishi started to make the things moving, we even came back to the room to change  & when we were almost ready we came to know tht there is a change in the plan as Abhishek need to leave early, it wd b better if we can 've the lunch first.
Lunch Time:

- salad

- achar

- papad
- hara
-bhara kabab
- some veg sabji(sry but I am strictly non-veggie)
- daal( I guess must b ther)
- chapatti
- paratha
- rice
- chicken masala

- chaach (butter milk)
Do I need to tell wht all I opted for from the menu?
Soon after the lunch all the spirit to get into the pool just got puffed off same as the soda from the coke.We were feeling terribly lazy to go out & feel the heat! Sudeshna was rest'g as she wasn't feeling well. & we too were resting as sudheshna wasn't feel'g well ;) we didn't want to leave a dear frnd of ours back to njoyee the time.Sumana got the old snaps of ours to share with & we were basking under the a/c( which got started after much effort of Deepankar) Sumana all of a sudden got an innovative idea. Actually she had a doubt if Sudeshna was really sleeping or not & to chek the same she required a couple of items- tooth-paste- camera- camera-man & - an artistic mindset (which she always carry with herself, god knows when she get time & scope to display the brilliance of it!) thats it....she started creating a mushtach on Sudeshna, so that when she gets up can 've a feel gud factor!!but Sudhesna wasn't an artist's canvas(read it as a director's actor), which made Sumana unable to complete her art but now her doubt grew stronger & Deepal's support or urge motivated her! As she grew desparate she required a khatroon ka khiladi who can stake his own life to get the best snaps. Blessen was an unanimously the vierwers choice! Sumana had gone under high risk of walking down bare feeted on the tip of a sword to accomplish the mission. Finally I came to know that Sudeshna wasn't sleeping, tx to Sumana, Blessen & Deepal.

1530 Hrs

it was getting late enough for Abhishek, this is what we thought & were too worried about him that we almost pushed him out :D. The auto was waiting for him & we were reaching there in grps. Abhishek, me, Sumana, Sudeshna, Blessen, Deepal, Aparajita, Bharat. But that wasn't enough to get a complete grp what by the time the rest join us yn't 've some snaps of selves.
We've got into action. Finally we were able to get the best snap ever of our life! A cheerishable moment together

1600 Hrs
After disposing off Abhishek we clubbed into the pool.
Where we've learned Sudeshna don't even know hu to cross a ghar ki dehleesh neither even how to climb down steps of her house. Deepal was more of a sport on that front. Bharat & Kishore were the only two guys who were unknown of any swiming skills but still it was brave of Kishore to do Ganpati to Bharat!

1730 Hrs
After almost 1 hrs 30 mins dhoom dhadaka in the pool it was the time for Rain Dance! Ummmmh rain dance can beat any heat I can tell u that!
The water fountain effect was temtating enough & as soon as we have approached the stage....damn! its chilled man!with all those mungdas & latkas & jhatkas.. finallyit was the time to get into a blanket...phew! after freshedned up it was coffee time...& to add effects to it we had garma garam pakodebut both coffee & pakode vanished in no time!finally we have reorder them & those too didn't survived longer.

THE Final Journey....We have wrapped off the rest of the things by 1845 Hrs. Adjusted into a tam-tam (all 11 ppl including duble patle log alike soumen, blessan & the heavy weight champs viz: me). Reached the Karjat station by 19:20 Hrs & Learned that its only 10 more mins to get apart. Soon we'll b back to our own destinations. It was gr8 fun all day with each other doing all those masti which we used to do in ou SCHOOL DAYS!!!

As I was approaching the train it frightened me as the day after 'll restart the routine...eagerly waiting for our next Reunion.



03/04/2009 08:43

auto ke kharab hone ko thik se bayan nahin kiya hai....
Hey.......wat abt the galis given to prasath by all.....
abhishk ko zabardasti pool me fenkne waale the woh scene bhi add karo...
& wat abt the bachpan ka raaz, badla lene waala raaz jo rishi ne bataya.....
& last me intro part....where's that??

03/04/2009 20:41

@ Sumana
abt the auto:
mujhe jitni technical samajh hai uss hisaab se hi likha hai
abt galis to prasath:
"We thanked him & remembered his contribution in a very trivial manner of ours paying the complete tribute!"
& it was in the video na..
also intro part is in video
so I'll add them when I get those videos....


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