i m sure most of us wuldn't 've hrd abt the movie even......
some even may 've a perception of it being a eng movie

it revolves arund 2 concepts
1> final yr medico studs + internship in rural area (*)
2> hu the farmers in the country r struggling to 've handful of rice / roti 4 themselves
thu' they r the ones hu r grow'g the same for us....

strictly don't go to watch this one if u r one of those hu like to watch chi-chi alias govindaJiee or sallu in movies alike partner.....

the movie is an honest attempt to make a practical film {read non commercial} wid all newcomers up front when the trend is to get newcomers do more of body-shopping & themes alike

(*) very realistic

the only know face "Gul Panag", Sachin Khelkar & Ashutosh Rana
discovery: Sikander Kher & Arjan Bawja.... impressive
Uvika Chaudhary is stunningly beautiful as ever
watch uvika live



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