A thriller...

Mike Enslin, a paranormal writer that features Haunted Places. Ironically, he never believed in any paranormal activities but & keeps on writing 
"Ten Ghost stories"
"Ten Nightmares" & blah blah bla. 
His punchline: "Stay scared!" wht a bull sh**!

One day while chek'g his spam mails(so called fanmails), he stops by a postcard, it says 'Never go ther': Dolphin Hotel NY!
1408 ==> 1+4+0+8 = 13.

He manipulates to checkin the room 1408 after a long discussion with hotel mgr (Gerald Olin), best part of the movie..the bargain!
{As none managed to survive more than n hour}

Gerald hands over Mike the keys{the only coupe in the hotel to b opened by keys, rest all digital locks}

Mike starts recording and documenting his stay. During his first few minutes of stay, everything seems in place. Then, something strange happened. Few of the items were misplaced. He first thought that the hotel staff were playing a prank on him. He finally realized that something’s wrong with the room.

How long can he survive the room?

John Cusack – Mike Enslin
Samuel L. Jackson – Gerald Olin



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