A city which doesn't sleeps with all ppl struggling in day to day life. its not only  a movie about mumbai, or ppl of different class but about INDIA fighting with all sort of social issues:
-corporate world
-gangsters & extortions
-antisocial elements & the trapped choosen Ones!
-undercover sex scandals
-common man survival
-types of indians!!!

In the era of sensible indian movies, one can say its Mumbai Meri Jaan sequel.The only difference is it ends with +ve vibe!

If u r one among those who prefer intellectual movies rather than the hoohaa kinda, probably the realistic or uncomercialised version of hindi cinema try this!

Vijay Raaz & Rajit Kapur r worth watching!
Vijay doing a serious character this time while Rajit(renowned for his work in -Byomkesh Bakshi in DD1
-MK Gandhi in The Making of Mahatma
-Suraj ka Saatwa Ghoda) doing a mid aged casenova!, never seen him in those satin shirts earlier...
Cast: Anupam Kher, Parvin Dabas, Perizad Zorabian, Vijay Raaz, Atul Kulkarni, Seema Biswas, Rajpal Yadav, Milind Gunaji, Rajit Kapur, Sayaji Shinde, Sarika and Smilie Suri;
Director: N.Chandra

yet another time machine based story bound in love! Kate 21st century lady driven to succeed in the corporate world happen to meet Leopold, Duke of Albany,{some1 who discovered elevators in 19th century}, a futurist looking forward to get his name along with the edisons, & newtons, accidently came to 21st century. watch for if the past & the future & meet ever!ever!

cast: Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman




A thriller...

Mike Enslin, a paranormal writer that features Haunted Places. Ironically, he never believed in any paranormal activities but & keeps on writing 
"Ten Ghost stories"
"Ten Nightmares" & blah blah bla. 
His punchline: "Stay scared!" wht a bull sh**!

One day while chek'g his spam mails(so called fanmails), he stops by a postcard, it says 'Never go ther': Dolphin Hotel NY!
1408 ==> 1+4+0+8 = 13.

He manipulates to checkin the room 1408 after a long discussion with hotel mgr (Gerald Olin), best part of the movie..the bargain!
{As none managed to survive more than n hour}

Gerald hands over Mike the keys{the only coupe in the hotel to b opened by keys, rest all digital locks}

Mike starts recording and documenting his stay. During his first few minutes of stay, everything seems in place. Then, something strange happened. Few of the items were misplaced. He first thought that the hotel staff were playing a prank on him. He finally realized that something’s wrong with the room.

How long can he survive the room?

John Cusack – Mike Enslin
Samuel L. Jackson – Gerald Olin





the 250+ crore blockburster of the year
the story is gr8....
most of u must 've njoyed the movie ...

but I disagree to most of u...
reasons being...
1. my personal opinion...ahmm!! I felt @ times I've found it was the weakest 
performance ever by Amir..
he is a far better actor to deliver ...
2. if u wanna see the actual ghajini the watch the original telgu stuff staring "Surya"
tht was phenomenal
the agression.... Surya was awesome
3. nothg new to this version...hindi...
the script, name Sanjay, company name Aircel
neither the story nor the dialogs ...they r simply translated & delivered as it is
even the entire ghajini crew is same...
b it asim or villain or the inspector who dies in rd accident
4. the only diffrence:
Amir replaced Surya
Ziah replaced south gal
villain(ghajini) is a single role which was a double role in telgu version....
& hence the action...last fight was doubly hard-cored in the original

a light comedy timepass movie .... 

ppl hu luv light comedy wd surely luv this one
sm wht on the same note as of Khosla ka Ghosla..

a movie yet again show'g the lifestyle of delhites & their mentality
hu ppl manipulates life ... a typical jugaadu life..
a jugaad to survive ....

the basic story is some what similar to tht of "bunty n bubbly" 
but w/o a huge star cast, comercialised & yet impressive ...@least to me.. 

I think Abhay is do'g better @least than Bobby & might sustain longer than him as an actor

Paresh Rawal...bhai log wo akele hi movie kha jata hai aur yahan to tripal role hai...

a marathi movie with a class plot: 

the one i wd recommend after "wazir" staring "Vikram gokhale" ..
a movie sm 8-10 yrs back i guess.. if im hitting it correct...

must watch .... brain game @ its best
far better than Sarkar Raj.

Y the hell did it return :(

wht a waste.... of money & time





hard core movie
one on the same pace & page of page3

everyone faces highs & lows in his/her life{professional} & one need to be strong to survive those...

"fashion" displays one side of the coin rather the true side of it!!!

Priyanka good .... the critics & views might 've voted her more marks as she was the lead & hd an ample of show up there but my vote goes with Kangana...

Kangana has been phenomenal

Mogdha good ... being her first movie : had portrait her confidence & comfort level..

watch it!!!

character potraited by Sikandar is done well
the suspense is well organised...

nthg new as such but well compiled & editied & a short movie of abt 2-2:15 hrs
does bind a viewer

cast: all fresh




Heros = Border - Long Love stories

the movie narrates frm the point where Lakshya had ended
the journey after "Mission Vijay".

its been a saga of the families who manages to continue their lives even though they 've lost THEM *

the bottom line is to live with PRIDE.....
& Pride needn't b earned frm serving the defence services..

Salman Khan reminds me of Rattan Singh (Puneet Issar) frm Border
who leaves behind his old Mom nd Dad... but accompanied by Preity & his son... ek pe ek free...........

for all time Salman fans .....
this gonna b big one...

in the crowd of mega stars...
i must accept tht Sallu manages to leave his footmarks ....

Sunny Paji the usual stuff
rOck solid hunk

Mithunda were more promient than his son ....

must watch scenes:

1. the bike ride of 1000 miles
delhi --> punjab border --> himachal --> Leh
while passing from himachal to leh the bike passes a road which is on the verge of 100+ ft pass with a flowing river within...

2. catching a fish in a lake with water as cold a ice bare handedly

3. less no. of songs... only 3...
mangda...sallu & preity... is the only gud one
rest two doesn't fit into..rather not reqd...

4. Sunny Paji draging himself by punching the floor .... & craking the tiles

5. a wired fence within the farm lands... segregating the land .. the county.. the ppl

#personal comment:
I've found it watchable nt sure how many of u agree to that as I can accept anythg on defence services ...

but along with that must say tht lets not compare with border or lakshaya

they r well edited movie... & this cld 've been better

the worst part is the climax.............
do watch it for the climax...